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for MSPs

Looking for a way to enhance your cloud infrastructure or software and provide your clients with cutting-edge IAM solution for Onboarding, Access and Transactions security?

Safewalk provides a comprehensive identity and access lifecycle from secure onboarding, a range of multi-factor authentication methods, single sign-on, transaction signature, digital signatures, and secure messaging.

Seamlessly integrate and adapt access security
for your managed services or software

Benefits for MSPs: 
Advantages for MSPs, Software or Cloud services


Provide your customers with cutting-edge, seamless access and transaction security solutions, for all scenarios and user profiles.

Build trust and loyalty

Build trust and loyalty with your customers using your brand

Full control and adaptability 

Enhance the solution and adapt it to your needs with REST API and Mobile SDK full functionality coverage

Multi-tenant server technology

Reduce operational cost and maximize efficiency with a single instance for your customer tenants

With Safewalk Multi-tenant platform, you can streamline infrastructure and manage hundreds of customers from a centralized dashboard

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