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Proximity, quality and reactivity of service are our priorities.


AltiPeak is a fully, channel-driven company and as such, we take great care in making our channel partners feel satisfied with our product, services and support.

We sell exclusively through a worldwide partner network. We are constantly growing a robust network of value-added partnerships to meet customer expectations worldwide. Our partners are certified to deliver the best quality and proximity of service and support on Safewalk. Our professional services work in close synergy with our partners to address customer-specific needs and constraints.


Cybersecurity threats and data protection regulations are pushing small and large organizations from all sectors to adopt MFA. Customers need scalable, simple, secure, feature-rich and cost-effective Strong Authentication solutions that fit their infrastructure, facilitate access management, reduce helpdesk and offer the flexibility to deploy MFA anywhere with the most convenient methods for each user.


By integrating Safewalk into your services and products portfolio, you will be able to address your customer demands and fully meet their expectations.


We offer:

  • Rich functionality for both users and administrators

  • Choice of authentication methods and form factors (mobile, HW, Virtual)

  • Broad integration capability

  • Deployment and integration in the cloud or on-premise

  • Incomparable simplicity to set up with minimum infrastructure requirements

  • Flexibility for customization, automation and functionality extension using OAUTH2 RESTful API

  • The most attractive and comprehensive pricing, with unique flexibility for business models

  • Highly attractive margins to partners

  • Unequaled support quality and proactivity


Create your own Authentication managed services


  • To compete with the cloud

  • Create a recurrent revenue driver

  • Extend services to your customers

  • Differentiate from your competitors

Your own dedicated Strong Authentication Cloud platform for your customers


It includes everything you need to offer a high quality and secured service:


  • Safewalk Multi-tenant server

  • Swiss hosted environment

  • Secured framework

  • Includes cloud architecture, solid bandwidth, load balancing, etc.

  • System monitoring & support

  • Safewalk authenticators & methods (can be branded)

  • SIM based Mobile ID (Switzerland only)

  • Transaction & Data signature



Partner benefits


  • Focus on added value services

  • Sell professional services (setup, configuration & support)

  • No need of investment & overhead to create the service

  • No infrastructure responsibility

  • Keep control of your customers

  • Generate attractive margins

  • Offer modern, flexible and competitive solutions



Other options


  • Host Safewalk multitenant on premise on your infrastructure

  • Integrate Safewalk into your own Access management solution using the built-in RESTful API framework

Hosting or Managed Services Partner


Whether you are looking to add strong authentication capabilities into your solution or validate that your solution is compatible with AltiPeak solutions, or even sell your own solution or service bundled with AltiPeak solutions, becoming a technology partner is the right place for you start.


Solution, Technology and Service partners can fully brand and integrate Safewalk platform within their own product/service portfolio and offer a broad choice of innovative and practical MFA solutions to their customers.

We provide technical support and maintenance, as well as professional services for specific demands and customization.


Safewalk RESTful API framework provides you the flexibility to:

  • Integrate Strong Authentication into your own solution

  • Automate access management actions

  • Extend and customize access management

  • Offer a broad range of authentication methods

  • Offer strong authentication as a service

  • Develop your own access management services

  • Deploy Server & Mobile apps with your own brand

  • Integrate MFA into custom Mobile applications

  • Derive innovative applications with specific workflows or processes based on Safewalk technology


We are flexible to fit your business models according to your needs and context:

  • Perpetual license/user + yearly maintenance & support (18%)

  • Monthly subscription all in (with different invoicing periods)

  • Pay per use (for large volumes of users and/or occasional users)

  • These models can be adapted for specific Solution, Technology or OEM partnerships


Should you be interested to know more about our offer to technology partners, don’t hesitate to contact us at partner@altipeak.com



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