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Access Management anywhere with everything

Secure, Simple, Practical, Flexible, Cost-effective
Discover Safewalk

Discover Safewalk

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Secure all your access channels

Choice of authenticators and form factors

Broad integration

Rich Access Management Functionality

  • Passwordless

  • Push

  • OTP


Altipeak Choice of authenticators and form factors
  • Windows Logon 


  • ADFS

  • API (OAuth2)

  • SSO (SAML)


  • Swiss managed SaaS

  • Cloud / On premise

  • Broad integration capability

  • Rich functionality

  • Simplicity of use, installation & configuration

Protect access with MFA to any application

★ All cloud & on premise apps

★ Web portals & services

★ ERP, CRM, Custom Apps

…..and many more

Safewalk is a complete strong authentication platform that helps prevent takeover and online fraud by securing the access to all your cloud and on-premises applications and data.

It includes a large portfolio of strong authentication methods and form factors that allow you to choose the best method for your users and your organization.

Safewalk comes with a rich functionality for all contexts of user access management and with broad integration capabilities. It has minimal impact on your existing infrastructure and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

With Safewalk you can address securely all your applications access needs:

  • Protect access to your web and network

  • Deploy Strong Authentication to your cloud, on-premise and custom Mobile applications

  • Choose the most practical and security adequate authentication method and form factor for each user

  • Easily integrate Safewalk within your infrastructure or in the cloud

  • Facilitate user access management

  • Choose the best licensing model for your needs (perpetual, subscription, pay per use)

Safewalk can be used and set up in many ways


In any cloud
(Azure, Amazon, others)



As a Service in a Swiss hosted SaaS


On Premise

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